Banana is the King of the Fruits🍌

I am making important life decisions: golden delicious, royal gala, fuji, or jonagold—or “just” a banana? This is an apples to oranges comparison because apples have statistically a better advantage: there are more types of apples than there are types of bananas in a normal Western grocery store. Yet the alphabet of apples grapple against a single banana not even a royal gala stands a chance in my stance. Banana is the king of the fruits.

Only Yesterday (1991)

Apples keep disappointing me with their plain taste. Not only that but the paradox of choice of apples elude me and make choosing hard. But bananas do not: you can never go wrong with a banana. There is just one type of banana and it tastes the the same every time.

Banana is wholesome, cheap, nutritious, delicious and becomes even better with age, easily digested, available everywhere, good when both cooked or uncooked, the best secondary fruit for smoothies, great additional pancake ingredient, the poor dude's food, and it is sealed by nature in a convenient germ-proof package. That is some food for thought! Indeed, what more can you ask?

and even monkeys agree!

Lastly, bananas can be used to scale for things. Bananas are abundant inspiration for memes and cryptocurrencies. Bananas add comedic value to movies and games. Bananas are art. Bananas are sananab. Banana is the king of the fruits.

Am I going bananas?