who am i

Drawing from Marvin Minsky's concept that 'brains are simply what minds do,' I extend it to 'I am simply what I do.' So, who am I based on my daily actions? It's a curated narrative, skewed by my willingness to share certain aspects, and variable based on time and context.

That said, I favor vintage fashion, have long hair, and am frequently smiling. I have a keen interest in the progress of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, making me a “crypto bro” to some. I am a huge gym addict, making me yet another “gym bro”. I love to dabble around acoustic and electric guitar, though I still don't remember any lyrics to play an actual song. That makes me more of a campfire guitarist. I indulge in ice-swimming and saunas and enjoy hikes in the nature. I find peace in reading. What I want to do in the future more is learn languages and meditate more often.

I worked most of my summers mowing lawns in Turku. I've studied psychology and specialised in neuroscience in bachelor level. Afterwards I graduated in Master's in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research. However that doesn't tell much. What I know most and what I mostly enthusiasted about are cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin. This is my expertise. See my thesis.

why do i write

Albeit, this is blog has grown into a public journal than anything niche about a special topic. Writing is a way for me to think, create, share, and most of all, write. I believe this is what it will be.